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Learning to play a musical instrument requires a combination of patience, practice, and perseverance, but the rewards are incredibly beneficial to a child’s development. Studying and mastering an instrument builds great confidence as well as a sense of pride in ones accomplishments and a fun, creative, method of self-expression. From novice to pro, The Chord Club offers private music lessons 7 days a week for kids and adults at all ages and skill levels. You will learn techniques and music theory to master the instrument of your choice from professional New York City-based musicians. We guarantee that our students will receive informative instruction in a warm and encouraging environment, all while rocking out to the greatest songs in the Billboard catalog. We currently offer private lessons for guitar, bass, voice, and piano.


Everything is better with a friend, including music! At The Chord Club, we believe that studying a musical instrument with a peer creates a positive impact for all involved. With a physical shared passion as well as a slight sense of competition, our musicians-in-training are more likely to stick with the instrument of choice for years to come. We are excited to offer semi-private lessons for guitar, bass, voice, and piano, as well as to teach and motivate the great musicians of tomorrow, through one great musical interaction after the next.

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